18 July 2010

What to do if there's an armed Communist uprising near your home when you're having a party

On second thought, maybe the blog isn't finished quite yet. A spot to share random things related to Russia, perhaps? Me thinks yes.


  1. Anonymous5/11/10 17:38

    every now and then i come back here; just in case you know? communist uprising watch, must always be vigilant.

    anyway what i wanted to say is i hope you keep this blog up in some form, as your posts are witty and enlightening.

    also google says you are the most relevant blog relating to colloquial russia, and google never lies ;)

    i am an Aussie amateur Russian speaker, with a similar and unexplained love for this countries language/etiquette - and reading this has been nothing but fascinating.

    hopefully i will be finding a more practical excuse to go there in the near future but reading observations like this are refreshing in the mean time.

    question; did you meet any Russians prior to the academic study? they are apparently hard to come by in an organised fashion here and im not really sure which places on the net are worth approaching, that dont contain 'mail order'.

    oh well, keep up the random observations :)

  2. You know I keep meaning to do another post on here, but it keeps escaping me. Soon, when I really need to procrastinate, it will happen.

    I didn't really meet any Russians prior to studying Russian, other than the random person in a store with a presumably Russian accent. Alas.

    Thanks for reading and checking back! Go to Russia. :)