06 May 2010


Sorry for lack of posts -- it's that lovely time of the semester where all the time is taken doing final projects.

I still have to tell you about Lithuania, Kiev, and life in general, but while you're waiting you should watch this:

You might have to somehow put it on repeat, though, because my next post could take longer than three minutes to appear.

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  1. Anonymous9/5/10 19:08

    Now that was Jazzy and upbeat. I gather you knew what they were saying. We will forgive you for not having the time to update us on your trips and daily life. To have time at all is amazing. We shall be waiting to hear. Until then you stay safe, have fun with studies and do tell your house Mom, it has been nice getting to know her through you. Sending our love and best wishes to her. Thanks for taking care of our Kara. Love you Kara.....DJ